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WSPA’s Romanian Bear Adventure 2013 - 8 September 2013

Bear Adventure

Taking part in this unique charity challenge will give you the opportunity to:

  • Challenge yourself to walk up to 50K and ascend 500-600 metres before reaching the sanctuary

  • Visit the newly built WSPA funded bear sanctuary near Zarnesti

  • Raise money which will go directly to WSPA’s work with bears

  • Discover stunning sceneries

  • Experience camaraderie with your fellow trekkers

Be confident - read one participant's story of how she trained for the event >>

Take your first step to help rescue brown bears

If you would like to receive more information about WSPA’s Romanian Bear Adventure 2013, call Community Fundraising on 0800 316 9772 or e-mail

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Get a flavour of the Bear Adventure

Colin Sharp, 47, from Baldock, Hertfordshire, took part in the Bear Adventure in 2007 and 2009!

“I went on the World Society for the Protection of Animals' Bear Adventure in 2007 and had such an amazing time that I decided to do it again in 2009.”

Gillian Dailly, 39, from Midlothian in Scotland, trekked in 2009. She is a Police Officer and says:

“My trek over the Carpathian Mountains in Romania to raise money for the World Society for the protection of Animals was a great opportunity to see spectacular scenery, meet new friends but most importantly to see WSPA's work in action at the bear sanctuary. When I first saw a bear, so close in its natural habitat it made me so happy.”

“Before going I learnt some of the history of the bears' trauma and how unhappy they must have been living in small rusting cages outside of restaurants and in zoos from WSPA’s website. Seeing them lying in the sun, playing in the pools and just doing what bears do, was an opportunity too good to miss they just looked so content. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone in the future.”

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