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Not in one's cuppa

An influential addition to the list of voices speaking out against intensive dairy farming, such as Nocton Dairies’ proposed mega dairy, has come in the form of HRH Prince Charles.

Addressing producers, ministers and farming leaders at the Farmers Weekly award ceremony last week, the Prince of Wales said that small family farms rather than large-scale enterprises were integral to the future of British agriculture.

Factories are not farms

Prince Charles

Prince Charles

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Prince Charles said the countryside was not an industrial production line and expressed concern over producers moving towards ever-larger units.

"I shudder when I hear ever-larger farms described as units," he said. "That is the language of the factory and that cannot be the right direction for British agriculture.

"We must resist the temptation to describe farming as an industry and prevent the words turning into reality, because agriculture is exactly that - it is about the land and the culture that those who work on it create, as much as it is about producing food."

The Prince said the way food was produced mattered as much as rural communities and biodiversity. "These are characteristics that do not fit in an industrialised landscape, but they matter to an increasing number of consumers, the long-term wellbeing of this country and its ability to sustain future generations."

Sounds to WSPA like that’s a big, royal “not in my cuppa” to Nocton Dairies!

Join our campaign

WSPA believes there is an alternative to intensive ‘mega dairies’ that can work for farmers, consumers and cow welfare alike.

The decisions we make now, will be with us for decades to come and potentially irreversible – you only need to look at the US to see what we have in store for our dairy farming future.

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Surely this is not really a price worth paying for a pint of milk?

If you agree, then please tell the world that you won’t pay for or drink this type of milk. As a WSPA supporter you have a big part to play in how Britain decides to treat its dairy cows in the future.

We need you to say ‘not in my cuppa’ to factory milk from battery cows today >>

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