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WSPA launches 'not in my cuppa'

WSPA launches 'not in my cuppa' - a campaign against intensive dairy farming in the UK

100 ‘cows’ escaped from their factory farm in search of green grass today, to launch WSPA’s 'Not in my cuppa' campaign against intensive dairy farming in the UK, such as the Nocton Dairies proposal for an 8,100 cow industrial farm.

The ‘cows’ raised awareness today (Wednesday 1st September) of the plans to build the UK’s first industrial dairy farm – a proposal that WSPA’s Not in my cuppa campaign is determined to stop. 

Big isn't always best

Nocton Dairies have proposed an intensive, industrial dairy operation that will house 8,100 cows in 22 acres of indoor sheds stretching the length of seven football pitches.  WSPA believe the company will be re-submitting their planning application in Lincolnshire this autumn.

“We see the Nocton proposal as a watershed in British farming,” says Suzi Morris, WSPA UK Director. “Should it be approved, it will be the largest intensive dairy farm in Western Europe and without a doubt will pave the way for other big applications.

“Nocton Dairies is a glimpse of the future: thousands of indoor battery cows, overworked to exhaustion and their welfare compromised; housed in a cubicle system associated with an unacceptably high risk of fear, pain and behavioural problems. Is this how consumers want their milk produced?”

WSPA believe cows belong in fields not factories, and we know the people of the UK will agree with us and say “Not in my cuppa”.

How you can help

The “Not in My Cuppa” campaign aims to capture public revulsion for factory milk from battery cows. As a WSPA supporter and an animal lover, you have a crucial role to play in the future of dairy cows in Britain.

We need you to take part in our Not in My Cuppa campaign – and ask all your friends and family to do the same.You can sign up online, use your facebook or twitter account or if you’ve a few minutes to spare why don’t you make a video or take a photo expressing your disgust at factory milk from battery cows.

You can also follow the campaign on our dedicated Twitter and Facebook campaign channels:

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