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Environment Agency blow to mega dairy plans

Mega dairies cause water pollution in USA

Mega dairies cause water pollution in USA

WSPA are delighted to announce that North Kesteven Council has received yet another weighty objection to Nocton Dairies planning application, this time from the Environment Agency.

The entire Environment Agency (EA) objection is available on the local council’s planning website >>

One of the EA’s concerns is that the massive factory dairy could cause pollution in the ground and soil surrounding the farm, and that it wouldn’t be noticeable until it was too late.

What does the objection mean?

Not in my Cuppa campaign head, Simon Pope said: “The EA’s detailed assessment is a major blow to the Nocton developers and it is difficult to see how local councillors can with good conscience ignore its gravity.

“We know from our own investigations in the US, that many of these gigantic, industrial factory farms have caused lasting damage to local water tables. Local residents urged us to do all we could to ensure that these units do not gain a foothold in the UK as the rural landscape would change forever.

“It is now in the hands of North Kesteven Council but the decision they make is one that will have grave and enduring consequences for cows, our struggling dairy industry and our rural environment.”   

Last year, WSPA campaigners met with academics from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, who had great concerns over the environmental impact of intensive farming, such as the groundwater pollution mentioned in the Environment Agency’s objection. Let’s hope we learn from the States on this!

However, the environmental concerns cannot be considered in isolation.

While cow welfare doesn’t currently provide legal grounds for objection, the Not in my Cuppa team hopes that the strength of public opinion against producing factory milk from battery cows will send a clear message to the councillors making this decision.

Not in my Cuppa says watch this space…!

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