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Working with London’s animal police

WSPA and the Metropolitan Police Service’s Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) are working together to ensure a future for wildlife crime investigation in London.

The groundbreaking partnership is allowing the unit to continue their vital policing work, grow their team and invest in operational needs such as more training for borough police officers and intelligence gathering.

Wildlife criminals trade, buy and sell animals and plants, exploiting habitats in the process. Laws are in place to prevent animals being treated as a commodity and wildlife crime occurs when people break the legislation designed to protect these animals from abuse and exploitation.

Download the exhibit leaflets to find out more.

WSPA and the WCU think this trade in cruelty has to stop.

Your support means that those criminals making money out of illegally trading animals into London will not have the satisfaction of thinking that they can get away with this exploitation and cruelty.

Wildlife Crime Unit press launch


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